Real help for writers

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Did you ever want your writing to grab your readers in the first few lines and never let them go?

Ray Rahmey‘s Flogging the Quill — Crafting a Novel That Sells can help you do that. On his blogsite Flogging the Quill, Ray comments from an editor’s point of view on first pages of writers’ work, with the premise that if you can get people to turn the first page, you have a better chance of selling your work.  His new book takes his FtQ blog advice to the next level.

I’ve hung around FtQ for a couple of years.  Ray’s gentle yet incisive edits are Continue reading


Skinny Dipping In Reality

A coots account of the great hippy LSD enlightenment search party…………Search Party

From Joe: “Now look what you’ve done! Got an old man all worked up about an era.”  “Maybe some old hippies and that handful of young’uns interested in the Sixties consciousness movement might enjoy it.”

Writing links

Flogging the Quill — critique blog for commercial novel openings, with focus on getting the agent, editor and reader to turn from page 1 to page 2.

Critters Workshop — workshop/ critique group for  SF, Fantasy and Horror genre writers.  This site has some super resources.

Two Frog Contests:  one for poetry, one for art (link goes to a contest notice posted at the WarriorPoets forum). — readers rating MS’s for Harper Collins UK.

In other words, if you participate, you are serving the function of unpaid MS readers for Harper Collins UK.  Why bother?  It’s like voting on the books you want to see published, instead of relying on someone else to make that decision for you.

It’s also a hell of an education to see how many writers are out there, and how good they are — and they’re still not published.  Reality is a good teacher.  If you’re serious about getting published in the future, Authonomy will help.

You can put your own MS’s up for consideration at Authonomy.  The five highest-rated MS’s each month get reviewed by real Harper Collins UK editors, for possible publication.