From Victim to Creator

From life-coach,  Michael Neill’s weekly newsletter……..

“Because one of the first things I work on with my clients is making the shift from victim to creator in their lives, they often become sensitive to the language they are using when they speak with me. “I should” becomes “I want to” (except for when they don’t); “I can’t” becomes “I haven’t”, except for when they do. Yet the goal of this little exercise isn’t so much to become more conscious of the language we are using to explain and describe and report on our lives – it is to facilitate the transformation of those lives.

For example, the other day a client I’ll call Dale said to me “Can you believe what’s going on with the economic stimulus package?” When I said I could, he said “I mean, it’s like both sides are putting scoring political points ahead of taking care of the country.” After nodding my head in agreement to this and a few more statements like it, I finally asked him what it was about the possible accuracy of his observation that was causing him to act like a victim of it. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Are you implying that I’m NOT a victim of this? After all, I didn’t create this – I don’t even have a mortgage. But my business is still suffering for it. If anyone’s a victim of this economy it’s me! ”   Continue reading