Is the truth out there?

I use to watch the X-Files, religiously. There was the poster in Fox Mulder’s office…..The Truth Is Out There. Is there truth? Is there a truth that is absolute? Can there be a truth that is unchanging?

One could say, it is a truth that the Sun will always rise, but will it? Scientists say that it will some day die and before it does, it will consume most of the inner planets. If humans are still around, then the statement about the Sun rising will no longer be true.

It seems to me that the more we learn the more our “truths” change. A flat earth becomes round, we are no longer the center of the universe or even the galaxy and what happened to Zeus?

As we slip into what seems like a new era of human understanding our ‘truths’ and ‘realities’ will be challenged.
We may even have to write new ones as we go, or even let go of the concept of truths all together. Yo.