The Umbrellas of Harlem

This past Thursday in NYC, it rained.  It was the first rainy day since last autumn that was warm enough so people weren’t bundled up.

The vernal equinox was only a day away.  The light was lovely — warm and deep, despite the wet and the dark clouds.  There was almost no wind.

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A Leprechaun’s Gaze


Loose ends were tied, the message sent

As I walked on in merriment

With ruddy arms I build a cairn

That lies a ways past yonder barn


One piece of gold I have in tow

My back faced to the winds that blow

This growing monumental mound

Will hide my grief on sacred ground


A daily prayer, a daily grind

A rock a day to ease my mind

To reach the sky! To find my love!

To live the dream I’m dreaming of

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