SDM and Me

Watched Slum Dog over the week end. Enjoyed the story very much. It held my interest throughout. Yet I really can’t quite figure out what makes it so outstanding. Other than for the music, aren’t most of the awards/nominations for
technical quality?  The story has all the ingredients of a good ‘masala’ movie – a game show which took India by storm a few years ago, violence, the underworld, romance thrown in and some disturbing visual content on the misery of life in the slums.

For me the people who really made the story
come to life were the three street kids who are actually from the slums. I don’t see any of them in any of the zillion photographs or TV screens. They just seem forgotten and I get the feeling they are perhaps just a very little better off in their lives than before. I get the feeling these kids have been exploited and left out to dry now that they have served their purpose. Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t for the life of me remember seeing those three wonder  kids in any newspaper or on a TV screen.