Democracy and its pal capitalism

Had a thought on the way to work this morning — in a democratic country with an essentially capitalistic economy, war instincts are sublimated to other kinds of survival efforts, like making money. If this is true, democracies are healthy things.

Or to reverse it…

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Sacred Taboos

When you break one, you, yourself, become one.

“Don’t touch that!” Whatever it may be. “Don’t even think about it!”

What about the healing touch of a Saint? Are not they allowed to touch

The Untouchables? “You’ll get germs!” By the way my mother yelled about it,

one was to assume there was pretty much germs on everything, everywhere.

All the time! Even in the bathtub lay the hidden taboos. “Don’t play with that!”

To do so was considered dirty, and therefore, I figured it must clean itself.


Inhibitions and restrictions vary from place to place.

What was so great about Rome?

Would you do as the Romans do, if you happened

to find yourself in a Grecian state of mind?

It sounds fairly dangerous to me, weighing the risks involved.

Then again…mother owns the scales.

Slumdog wins 8 Oscars

Slumdog wins 8 Oscars, an answer to critics

February 23, 2009 by authorharb

Slumdog has won 8  Oscars…
and don’t worry about the critics
there are people who can criticise even God
to understand God’s perfection
you need the vision of God
to understand an artist’s work
you need the vision of the artist

Below are a few lines from me
dedicated to the mystery of India
and which actually mesmerizes some westerns
to explore it even at the cost of
getting raped and abused



Amazed at the mystery of
what is there
beneath their dirty bodies
beneath their appalling poverty
beneath the last peel
of their foul-smelling onion
that makes India tick
some daring westerns try to
explore their dirty bodies
churn their appalling poverty
peel their foul-smelling onion
in books, in movies
in an effort to solve it

Rather than feel proud
of their mystery
like the sages of the yore
like Ramana
whose unyielding, unwavering, unfathomable
equipose, calmness, stillness
would make those westerns
who would dare to ridicule
squirm under their shirts
some rather youthful indians
who are apparently not in touch
with their deepest mystery
and consider themselves
limited only to their bodies
their poverty, their onion
and thus ignoring what is
really their uniqueness
play at being great patriots
and condemn them

Yes, particular incidents
can be criticized
even though those too
must not be taken as
because of some bad intentions
on their part
but because of ignorance of
the complete knowledge of an alien culture
but slamming the whole effort
as some sort of plot
to downgrade India
especially with which
they are now trying to forge
the best of relationships
probably drawn by the same mystery
among other things
simply betrays nothing but
their own insecurity
their own prosecution complex


Is the truth out there?

I use to watch the X-Files, religiously. There was the poster in Fox Mulder’s office…..The Truth Is Out There. Is there truth? Is there a truth that is absolute? Can there be a truth that is unchanging?

One could say, it is a truth that the Sun will always rise, but will it? Scientists say that it will some day die and before it does, it will consume most of the inner planets. If humans are still around, then the statement about the Sun rising will no longer be true.

It seems to me that the more we learn the more our “truths” change. A flat earth becomes round, we are no longer the center of the universe or even the galaxy and what happened to Zeus?

As we slip into what seems like a new era of human understanding our ‘truths’ and ‘realities’ will be challenged.
We may even have to write new ones as we go, or even let go of the concept of truths all together. Yo.