The Umbrellas of Harlem

This past Thursday in NYC, it rained.  It was the first rainy day since last autumn that was warm enough so people weren’t bundled up.

The vernal equinox was only a day away.  The light was lovely — warm and deep, despite the wet and the dark clouds.  There was almost no wind.

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Real help for writers

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Did you ever want your writing to grab your readers in the first few lines and never let them go?

Ray Rahmey‘s Flogging the Quill — Crafting a Novel That Sells can help you do that. On his blogsite Flogging the Quill, Ray comments from an editor’s point of view on first pages of writers’ work, with the premise that if you can get people to turn the first page, you have a better chance of selling your work.  His new book takes his FtQ blog advice to the next level.

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Why I love newspapers

Or is it newscreens, newswebs or newsnets?  I haven’t bought a paper paper in more than a year.  One of my fav’s, TOI, isn’t available at my local newsstand. What’s the newsstand guy going to do when we’re all reading digitally?

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Watch the faces

In this NY Times article about Judd Gregg, Republican Senator, withdrawing from being considered for Commerce Secretary, take a look at the photo at the top.  The pic was taken on 3 Feb, when Gregg’s nomination was announced.  Niether Biden or Obama look too happy with the guy.  Their instincts are expressed clearly on their faces.  They turned out to be right.  He didn’t look too happy, either.  So now I guess he is.  🙂

— Heath