Why I love newspapers

Or is it newscreens, newswebs or newsnets?  I haven’t bought a paper paper in more than a year.  One of my fav’s, TOI, isn’t available at my local newsstand. What’s the newsstand guy going to do when we’re all reading digitally?

Today at NYTimes.com


Green Waves of Revolution

There’s a green revolution, like a tsunami, coming.
Wave after wave of green technology that has been pent up for many years, hiding behind Bushes, well more like hiding from the Bushes.
The flood gates are open, the garage scientists bent on saving our planetary lives can come out of the closet and mass produce their passionate dreamy techno greeny products.

I have been asking around to see if any of these green jobs are on the grow, retrofitting our cribs to the new green grid. Maybe installing solar systems on your roof or twisty turbines, with two way power play and checks from utility shmecks.



Toad Times

There used to be tiny toads in the lawn at the parental home, from spring through fall.  The house was a few hundred feet from an estuary on Long Island Sound. 

They were like little living stones. We didn’t touch them.  We’d lie in the damp grass on our stomachs, watching.  We’d fall asleep, and wake later.  And they’d still be there, but someplace else. 

After waking, cheeks and calves, and if we’d fallen asleep with a palm pillowing a head, the back of one hand, would show grass-textured pressure-patterns. 

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