Democracy and its pal capitalism

Had a thought on the way to work this morning — in a democratic country with an essentially capitalistic economy, war instincts are sublimated to other kinds of survival efforts, like making money. If this is true, democracies are healthy things.

Or to reverse it…

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Are Things Under Control?

I’m sorry I have to ask this but I’m beginning to wonder if there is anyone left  who understands what’s going on.

It all started with 9/11 and look where we are now.

First Afghanistan. Then when things were almost under control Iraq was sprung on an unsuspoecting world. Then  back to Afghanistan but it hasn’t stopped there. Now I wonder where this roadshow will end up. Is Pakistan the priority or Afghanistan?

If the idea is that Afghanistan will stabilise once Pakistan is bailed out , I am unable to understand the logic. Sure they are entwined to an extent. Even so, they are two seperate issues altogether and should be handled individually. One cannot run an operation by shifting focus every few weeks. More problems will arise.

How Young is Young?

Was witness to a very interesting and animated discussion between fellow travellers a few days ago. They were in their mid/late 20s, obviously known to each other and returning after having appeared for some sort of interview with an NGO – seemed to be somehow involved with some govt. project or other. Their refrain was an age old one, experience vs inexperience. Almost all had the same grouse. Do you have to be past your prime before anyone seriously considers you to be worth your salt?

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