A Squabble Between Words


It was turning out to be a 2-story affair

A tale of two notions broadly cast over one station

Mumbled confusion of the third degree

Quadrupling the troubles of free choice

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GM Commits Suicide At The Concession Stand

What will it be? If GM cannot appease the Obama administration

with a plan that seems worthwhile, the government will come up

with a brand new PLAN and set them straight. The UAW and it’s

members will have little say on the workings of this new plan.

The workers will have to patiently wait for an actual contract

to mull over. They will be doing this at home instead of in the factories,

for a work stoppage will commence one way or the other.

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A Leprechaun’s Gaze


Loose ends were tied, the message sent

As I walked on in merriment

With ruddy arms I build a cairn

That lies a ways past yonder barn


One piece of gold I have in tow

My back faced to the winds that blow

This growing monumental mound

Will hide my grief on sacred ground


A daily prayer, a daily grind

A rock a day to ease my mind

To reach the sky! To find my love!

To live the dream I’m dreaming of

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Sacred Taboos

When you break one, you, yourself, become one.

“Don’t touch that!” Whatever it may be. “Don’t even think about it!”

What about the healing touch of a Saint? Are not they allowed to touch

The Untouchables? “You’ll get germs!” By the way my mother yelled about it,

one was to assume there was pretty much germs on everything, everywhere.

All the time! Even in the bathtub lay the hidden taboos. “Don’t play with that!”

To do so was considered dirty, and therefore, I figured it must clean itself.


Inhibitions and restrictions vary from place to place.

What was so great about Rome?

Would you do as the Romans do, if you happened

to find yourself in a Grecian state of mind?

It sounds fairly dangerous to me, weighing the risks involved.

Then again…mother owns the scales.