quiet lightning

quiet lightning
a distant storm
the city noise drowns out
what thunder there is
all i hear is the train
yards away
thundering by
and flashes so bright
even the city lights
can’t blind them out
this street reminds me of Philly
he said
red bricks
and a cheesy mural
painted on the big garage door
of the piano warehouse
where we rehearse
his one man show
captivating and inspired
but out the window
and the corner of my eye
quite lightning
the rumble of the city
a storm passes by


11 thoughts on “quiet lightning

  1. Bonnie says:

    Very nice derek. The imagery puts the reader there with you.

  2. Dara says:

    Well look whose here again. Let the good times roll. Nice to see you both again.
    Love Dara

  3. derek says:

    Thanks Bonnie

    Hey Dara


  4. Kate... says:

    hi Derek,
    Each afternoon now, the thunder and rain comes roaring in, and floods the streets and makes mushy the grass, only to quickly dash off to yonder parts,
    and I skip over puddles
    ~ Kate

  5. derek says:

    Hi Kate
    It is thundering right now here in the Springs,
    and echoing through the mountains
    and the wind has just a bit of chill to it,
    i live in a kind of paradise.

    I must poke my finger into each and every puddle
    to check it’s depth, just incase one of them is a portal
    merely posing as a puddle.

    love and peace


  6. Kate... says:

    There is a kind of beauty in lightening as it streaks across the sky.
    It has a power so strong (just as we do) and if it can be harnessed (like us) – imagine what solutions could be created to solve the energy crisis.

    This afternoon, the sun is streaming bright through my window, but oh – it is hot outside!

    ~ Kate

  7. derek says:

    It has rained everyday this summer.
    Sunny and warm till afternoon, then a
    storm builds, it rains and there’s lightning and thunder,
    like the world is coming to an end.
    An hour later sunshine and rainbows.
    Everyday. It’s magic.

    We are in our monsoon cycle here in the Springs.
    We get powerful storms for about an hour everyday. It makes our
    evening fresh and cool, everything gets a daily washing.
    No air conditioners here.

    We are fortunate that our cooling system is free.
    I often have to pinch myself to believe I
    live in such a beautiful place. Never too hot
    and never to cold. And our sky is filled with magic……
    you would have to see it to believe it.

    Right now I am looking at a double rainbow against
    a huge thunder head, black at the bottom and absolute
    white at the top and a deep brilliant blue sky. It’s moving west
    to Kansas, we are the last mountains before the flat land, where
    our small storms become massive storms.

    i wrap my arms around this cloud
    it’s power runs through me
    this storm drags my ass
    though our heart land
    twisting and climaxing
    with thunderous claps
    and shocks of lighting
    racing trough my veins
    i explode
    my hands thrown back
    i collapse
    and i laugh
    and i’m somewhere in kansas


  8. Kate... says:

    dear heath,
    I agree with you – Derek, your words create sensations that I can see and feel.
    Tonight, I am dipping my brush into your palette and will paint my cansas with the colors of the rainbow.
    love to you, your family and to Mother Earth
    ~ Kate

  9. derek says:

    hi kate and thank you

    love to you and yours


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