I like it

This is comment number 1,001. Its been fun.

It took time – quality time. Thanks to everyone’s contributions

Waiting to herald 10.001.




About Dara

Just me. Love golf, political history and meeting new people, even though I am not great at social conversation. "If you have nothing to say it is better to let people think you're stupid rather than open your mouth and remove all doubts." (someone said that) :)

8 thoughts on “I like it

  1. derek says:

    Hey Dara, a mile stone has been reached. A little celebration may be in order. I will celebrate here in my own peculiar way.



  2. mariana says:

    I am planning to throw a big party when my blog reaches 26.426 posts
    I think it is the correct number for a celebration.

  3. mariana says:

    Thanks a lot dara, really sweet coment. You are going to get to the 10.001 much sooner than you think, I can tell cause you make people feel good and you are a humble person. Only extremelly smart people do and are like that.

  4. heath says:

    Mariana reads people well 🙂

    love, h

  5. mariana says:

    Thanks people, you are making me blush. But I guess I can do think OK or guess OK, only with people that inspires me todo so.

  6. Kate... says:

    Dear Dara,
    I have been so long in saying Hello to you.
    hello and love too!
    ~ Kate

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